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1. What services are typically provided when designing a residence?

  • Predesign (Deciding What to Build)
    Identify both the opportunities and constraints of the site.
    Listen to the Owners’ expectations of their new home.
    Prepare a “program” for the house/site that describes desired types and sizes of rooms as well as the preferred relationships between individual rooms and the outdoors.
    Review governing ordinances, codes and restrictions to determine setback, height, bulk, histroical restrictions and floor area ratio (if applicable).
    Discuss preliminary budget.

    Schematic Design (Developing the Concept)
    Prepare initial design “schemes” or concepts via drawings and/or models.
    Site plan, including area of construction with all applicable setbacks.
    Preliminary floor plans and exterior elevations.
    Refine the design until the Owners approve a design concept.

    Design Development (Refining the Design)
    Finalize floor plans and exterior elevations.
    Preliminary finish and fixture selections.
    Add details (such as structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing) to the approved design.
    Refine the approved schematic design until a final design is approved.

    Construction Documents
    Prepare detailed Drawings and Specifications that describe the project and are referenced in the contract between the Owner and Contractor for the construction of the house. Including: site plan; construction plans; electrical, floor finishes, door, hardware and window schedules; sections, details and elevations.

    Hiring the Contractor
    Assist the Owner in selecting the Contractor and negotiating a construction contract through either a bidding or negotiation process.

    Construction Contract Administration
    Oversee the construction work for conformance to Construction Documents
    Process the Contractor’s shop drawings, product data, samples and pay requests
    Handle requests for changes during construction and administer project close-out.

2. Who is on the “team” when designing and building a home with Boomgaarden Architects?

  • The Owners, the Architect and a Contractor. Affiliated design professionals such as a Civil Engineer, interior designer and a landscape architect are also often involved in creating a residence.

3. How are your fees determined?

  • Our fees are negotiated according to our role and level of service. We can structure our fee as a fixed amount, percentage of construction cost, or hourly rates - based on Owner’s needs. The house’s size, location, level of finish and other design factors affect our fees.

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